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Educational Learning Concept

This typing tutor is based on a learning concept which has been developed in co-operation with the centre of educational and psychological counselling in Frankfurt a. M., Germany. The concept was designed especially for this programme. Since its development in 2000 it has been honoured with 3 scientific awards. With its coherent concept the typing tutor advances independence, ambition and self-competition as the cornerstones of educational success. The detailed statistics for every lesson allow a before and after comparison which makes it possible for the learners to examine their progress in detail and analyse their weak points themselves. That way the users compete with themselves when practising the touch system. Furthermore this learning concept does not feature strict preset steps but allows independent practising and a subsequent analysis of the success being accomplished. Thus learning of touch typing will become an ambitious aim. In order to achieve this aim this software offers many ways but does not dictate any.

* 14.11.2000: 1st place “Research Competition: Mit Ziehen forschen“; 06.02.2003: 1st place “Regional Youth Research Competition“; 03.04.2003: 2nd place “Federal Youth Research Competition of the state Hesse“

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Typing Tutor
Software appropriate for everyone, even children
Touch-type daily updated news from RSS feeds
(Source: WikiNews)
World-famous fairy tales available for typing
Diversified training
Award system and typing certificates
22 lessons and 6 lesson types that take you from a "2-finger-typist” to 360 characters per minute.
As a special feature the typing tutor downloads news from RSS feeds in various sections and allows the user to type the edited articles. The typing tutor also contains a special section with news for kids as well as a great selection of world-famous fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm which are available for typing.
An intelligent free writing mode is available for the user which allows the writing of e-mails, letter and documents while the typing speed is being measured.
The user administration allows an unlimited number of users to practise touch typing at one PC or in the network.
The lesson results and a detailed summary of each lesson will be saved and allow an in-depth analysis of the learning progress.
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"The typing tutor is so motivating that I use it just like a video game but this time I also benefit.“ 

„I find the typing tutor very suitable for children, my children just didn’t want to stop using it.“


Current version 1.2.50